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What to Pack

If accepted into the discipleship program, what should you pack when you come?



Suggestions To Pack:


For warm and cold weather

For church: a dress or skirt (knee length or longer) or dress pants and blouse, dress shoes

For work practicum: old sneakers/boots, clothes you don't mind getting dirty/ruined




Bedding (if possible): Twin sheet set, blanket, pillow, etc


Towels (1 or 2)


Bible, Notebook/Journal, and a pen


MP3 Player (All music will need to be approved by staff as appropriate)


Snacks/comfort food 


Photos of loved ones


Stationery and stamps to send letters 


Insurance cards, drivers license, etc.




Things NOT to Pack:

Anything containing nicotine, including gum or patches


Vapes, lighters


Medications that have not been pre-approved (Vitamins are encouraged)


Anything containing alcohol, including hand sanitizer, mouthwash, etc




AM/FM radios


Inappropriate reading material


Any type of stimulant such as pre-workout drinks or supplements, energy drinks, etc


Laptops, tablets, cell phones, or any device with WiFi access


Any inappropriate or suggestive clothing

(belly shirts, jeans with holes in them, low cut tops, short shorts or dresses/skirts, etc)


Anything drug, alcohol, or sexually themed


A BAD ATTITUDE (Leave this at home please)


WARNING: Any of these items found will be confiscated upon arrival and disposed of or you will be asked to pay to send items such as laptops and other devices back home (with the exception of cell phones, which will be placed in our safe until you are permitted to have your phone back)





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