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The Rules

Here at Renovation House, we like to operate as a family rather than as an institution. But even families need rules and guidelines to protect the health and integrity of all its members. This is LOVE. 

1. Work hard, PLAY HARD! Walk in the joy, peace, and grace God has given you


2. No tobacco products, drugs, or alcoholic beverages are permitted. This will result in dismissal


3. We do not permit on campus: synthetic opiates, anti-depressants, or anti-psychotics


4. All classes, chapels, and activities are mandatory and must be attended unless excused by staff


5. 'Wake up' and 'lights out' times are not optional


6. Respect all junior and senior staff: no attitudes, backbiting, gossiping, slandering, etc.


7. Absolutely NO LICKING the metal poles during winter! (...summer is fine though)


8. Violence, disrespect, or bad attitudes toward staff, students, or the program will not be tolerated


9. All students must follow the dress code set for them


10. Threats will not be tolerated


11. Students are expected to respect the scheduled call-nights and laundry days


12. Obedience to all the rules of the program is expected


13. Do not attempt to feed the coyotes - they are not cute, cuddly, stray dogs :p

More specifics will be explained to our students during their intake.


© 2019 Youth Challenge of New York; Renovation House Ministries

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