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The Program

During our 12-month discipleship program, our students engage in Bible classes and studies, chapel services, times of prayer and worship, group counseling, individual counseling, work therapy, and many fun recreational activities. 


The Honeymoon Period

The 1st 30 days is a period of time given to make a clean break and put aside all distractions by completely unplugging from the outside world. It is a time to really consecrate oneself to the Lord and what He wants to do through this discipleship program. It is also a time to bond with staff and the other students.




















The Discipleship Program

Classes & Chapels

5 days a week our students attend classes where they learn about who God is and who they are in Christ. They learn about the Father heart of God, the Holy Spirit, and walking in victory and authority. They learn how to seek God, how to hear God's voice, and how to pray effective prayers.


Some evenings they attend worship services, times of prayer, or Bible studies. Other evenings are free for rest and recreation.


Personal Time with God 

Every morning, time is given for our students to seek God for themselves and to develop a personal, one-on-one relationship with God through prayer, worship, and personal Bible study.


Work Practicum

We like to have fun, and we provide times of rest and relaxation, but we don't believe in being idle. There is a work therapy aspect to our program. Renovation House owns 160 acres of land. We have gardens, trails and ponds, and a small animal farm... there is plenty to do to both maintain and progress what God has given us. We also help our neighbors and volunteer to help other ministries from time to time. 


Phone Calls & Visits

Everyone is assigned 2 call nights a week. Letters may be sent and received at any time (we do not provide free stamps). Students may request for a visitation on campus every other weekend. At the 3rd month, requests may be made for off-campus visits.  



NOTE: students are not permitted a personal vehicle, cell phone or laptop. Each student is assigned 2 call nights per week and may request in-house visits from "director-approved" family or friends every other weekend. At 3 months, students may request off-campus visits. Letters may be sent and received at any time. Students also may not seek off-campus employment or schooling during this time.


After our students complete the 12-month discipleship program, then they may choose to go to school, seek employment, and transition back into society


Others stay with us and rebuild their lives from here while serving the ministry.





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