Doctor John Earley - Spencer Director/Pastor


"One of the greatest privileges of my life has been to serve the men of the Renovation House. The miracle never ceases to amaze me. To watch a broken, hopeless, and guilt-ridden countenance melt before The Lord and be changed to one of peace, joy and expectation for a future yet to be realized. How does it work? What is our program? We have created structure and boundaries based on accountability, wisdom, and years of experience. Though I pastor the men and provide direction, it is undoubtedly the Holy Spirit who runs our program through the 

many pastors, teachers, and lay ministers that volunteer their time at the Renovation House. Some of our men have found Jesus simply because "you just can't make this stuff up." God is at work. We are committed to having the atmosphere where God is welcome, and men that want to, can find Him and be transformed. We created a place that feels more like a home than an institution; a place where men can find healing and restoration. As people visit the facility, one of the more common things they say is that "God is in this place." Only He can take a broken, jacked-up group of people and turn them into businessmen, entrepreneurs, pastors, teachers, elders, and missionaries."




In loving memory of Joseph Arminio

C.E.O and Chairman 

Pastor Donnie Rosa



Rev. Judah Baker

Assistant Director



Taylor and Zaan Austen



Jefferey Koehl




Shaune Moseley




Pastor John Earley, The Love Church

Rev. Judah Baker, Renovation House

Pastor Linda Stearns, Pine City Christian Church

Pastor Jim Stearns, Pine City Christian Church

Pastor Pete Miller, Friends of the Cross

Pastor Kevin O'shell, The Journey Center

Pastor Scott Hathorn, Calvary Chapel

Pastor Doug Brock, Straits Corners Baptist

Pastor Duane Baker, Ithaca Assembly of God

Pastor Bob Doan, Etna Community Church

Bishop James Pierce, The Love Church

Pastor Joe Chamberlin, Central Assembly of God

Pastor Melvin Foster, Candor Congregational

Pastor Steve Barrows, North Spencer Baptist

Pastor Max Myers, Living Word

Pastor Steve Connors, Horseheads Church of Christ

Jamie Bobnick, Ithaca Assembly of God

Sister Lonnie Ashby, Ithaca Assembly of God

Kent Larsson, Bethel Grove

Rev. Nolan Harkness, Central Assembly of God



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