Renovation House of New York
Pledge of Honor
Although Renovation House has a list of rules that are strictly followed, the real strength of the program is when the guys commit themselves to a high standard of conduct and choose to follow it.  The following is a pledge of honor that we ask the participants to adopt as their own:  

* I pledge to deepen my relationship with God and make knowing Him my first priority.

* I pledge to let God shape my character and transform me into His image.

* I pledge to come under the authority and covering of Renovation House and its leaders.

* I pledge to study to show myself approved and grow in my knowledge of the Word of God.

* I pledge to be responsible in the area of my finances and all my financial commitments.

* I pledge to maintain my body as God’s temple and be free of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and to practice sound eating, sleeping, and exercise habits.

* I pledge to be prompt and faithful in my attendance to all prayer times, class times, ministry tracks, and services.

* I pledge to avoid immoral or illegal activities that engage in any behavior that is contrary to biblical conduct and ethics.

* I pledge to be an encouragement to the other program participants and build solid relationships with others.

* I pledge to keep my relationship with God and members of the opposite sex in proper priority.

* I pledge to communicate a spirit of excellence in my speech, conduct, appearance and attitude.
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