What we are not:
We are not a Jail; this is not a place to do time.
We are not a Drug Rehab in a traditional sense, our approach is faith based.
We are not a Democracy; this is our house, our rules, our way.  Residents are guests in
our house and must conduct themselves as such.
We are not an all-inclusive resort; Residents and their sponsors cover 23% of what it
costs to be at the Renovation House.  We depend on the benevolence of the greater
Christian Community at large for the other 77%.  Many of the things we need are donated
and we must remain grateful for those things.
We are not a homeless shelter.  We want men at the Renovation House who are
interested in a life change and want true freedom from drugs and alcohol, not those who
are just looking for a place to crash and catch a few free meals.
Renovation House
379 Dean Creek Road, Spencer, NY, 14883
email:  renovationhouse777@gmail.com
Phone: (607) 589 4413
Fax:    (607) 589 7383