What we are:
We are an effective alternative to traditional drug rehab, with a very high rate of long
term success.
Over the last 30yrs, the average success rate is approx. 80%.  Over the last 3 yrs we
are privileged to proclaim that our success rate among graduates is 87.5%.  These men
have been restored to their families, are engaged vocationally, furthering their education
in areas such as bible college, obtaining counselling degrees and are productive members
of society having taken honorable positions in the work force.
We do not believe that you can treat drug addiction with more drugs. Suboxone, subutex,
and methadone are not the answer to drug addiction.  Traditional rehabs focus on
removal of drugs while prescribing others; we focus on addition of faith in Jesus.  There
is no drug for bad behavior, lack of self-control or bad thinking.   Our intent is to
rehabilitate the mind into the mind of Christ and the only way to do that is not to be
conformed to this world but to be transformed by the "Renovation" of the mind.  There is
no drug to replace the absence of Jesus in one's life.
Treatment of drug addiction has greater long term results when drug addicts and
alcoholics participate in faith based activities and service to others.  These two aspects
greatly enrich their lives and improves their chances for success upon leaving the
The plague of drug addiction in our nation is resulting in too many lives lost to drug
overdose.  We know that faith based programs like Christian rehabs have an answer in the
treatment of addiction.
Most commonly we provide help for men addicted to opiates like heroin, prescription pain
killers and alcohol.
We exist to support families that have a loved one trapped in a dysfunctional life of
drugs, alcohol, and other life controlling issues.  We are on the front lines in the war on
drugs in our country. 
Renovation House
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