Hey that's me !! Just kidding and its not our sawmill either.... ours is a little older... we will add some photos once we git er up and runnin'.
This fall, we took out a loan and purchased a 1997 LT40 superhydraulic Woodmizer sawmill for Renovation House.  The sawmill, which produces rough cut lumber, will have many uses for all the upcoming projects including the cabins, the Pavillion and most importantly for our fledgling furniture business that we are hoping to kick into action next year.  For more information refer to our new products website (www.wrenhouseproducts.com) and preorder your personalized handcrafted furniture made to your specification.

We have just finished our lean-to shelter for the sawmill and we are now in the process of tying in the electrical supply.  The total cost of the sawmill project including the lean-to is approx $16,500.

This fall we also gathered approx. 2000 ft3 of raw lumber that we will process once we get the sawmill up and running.
The Sawmill:
Here's a couple of the "toothpicks" we picked up.... 30" Dia Oak... the trailer was pretty much maxed out with approx 6500 lbs of Oak on board.
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