The Invitation:
In 1986 God decreed that there would be a place where broken, drug addicted and
alcoholic men could come and find God if they wanted him.  God is here at the Renovation
House.  It is He who is at work in this place doing miracles in the lives of men.  No matter
what you've done, no matter how far you have fallen, or how damaged you may think you
are, there is a hope, there is a future, there is a destiny in God that awaits you!.
Come and walk with God on our many miles of trails. Come as He leads you beside still
waters restoring your soul upon the shores of our many ponds. Come and sit at Gods feet
and learn of His ways thru our chapels, classes and devotional times.  Come and engage in
some of the same activities Jesus engaged in as a carpenter's son by participating in our
wood shop.  Come enjoy our many acres of wilderness, animals and gardens.  Come and be
changed by the presence and power of God.  You were not created to be a drug addict or
an alcoholic, come give a year of your life to God and be transformed for the rest of
your life.
Renovation House
379 Dean Creek Road, Spencer, NY, 14883
Phone: (607) 589 4413
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