These cabins will be based on the "Tiny House" concept with normal modern ammenities.   They will be one room "bachelor suites".  They will be cute and comfortable, but not luxurious.  These will be for transition students and bachelor missonaries that work at the facilities.
These cabins will be also based on the "Tiny House" concept with normal modern ammenities, but will have 2 rooms, sufficient for a small family.  They will be cute and comfortable, and have a nice kitchen and bathroom (to keep momma happy).
Single Room Cabin:
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2 Room Cabin:
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Rustic Prayer Chapel:
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Over the upcoming winter, cabins will be designed for the purpose of housing staff and transition program participants.  A total of 5 cabins are envisioned that will be located across the road from the Renovation House.  3 Cabins will be single dwelling units, 2 cabins will be two room units set up for a small family.  In addition, 1 rustic prayer cabin will also be built on the property near the existing facility for all staff and program participants to use.  These cabins are estimated to cost approx 20,000 each.
The Cabins:
This cabin will be a single room without sleeping quarters and have no modern ammenities featuring a rough hewn rustic decore.  It will be outfitted with a wood stove, a table and chair and a bible.  This cabin will be used as a quiet place for own missionaries and program participants to have a quiet place to pray and get away.
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