Renovation House requires a lot of behind the scenes support to make
the place run as it should.  Currently there are 2 full time
missionary's; Andy Hackett and Geoff Smerdon.

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Andy Hackett

Geoff Smerdon

Renovation House
379 Dean Creek Road, Spencer, NY, 14883
Phone: (607) 589 4413
Fax:    (607) 589 7383

Andy is a Renovation House alumnus from the class of 2014.  He has since made the decision to dedicate his time and life to the ministry by serving as the House Supervisor.  Andy handles all the day to day operations at the House and is in constant interaction with men of the house.  Through past experience he has a unique gift to reach the men having gone through similar struggles throughout his life.  As Andy has found his calling through ministering to the men, he also utilizes his talents in the kitchen as well as on the property as he has a hand in almost everything that goes on at the Renovation House.  God is using Andy to help shape the life of every new student that walks in the door.
Andy Hackett - House Supervisor
Geoff Smerdon - Support Staff
Geoff Smerdon is a graduate of the program and is accompanied by his wife Kelly and 3 Children Cailynn, Isrielle and Josias.  Geoff came into the program in 2014 and through Gods forgivness and grace, Geoff and Kelly's marriage has been restored.  Geoff and Kelly now serve the men of Renovation House as domestic missionaries.

Geoff is currently serving as a Support Staff for the house. 

Geoff's Family lives just off campus in a nearby trailer court which will be the future location of "the cabins".