Renovation House is a Christian Drug Rehab and Ministry Training  Program for men dealing with substance abuse and other life controlling issues.  The resident lives, works and attends classes and chapels services, participating in recreation, and receives counsel.  They will stay at the Spencer facility for 12 months.  For the first 9 months the resident will live on campus and rise through several different levels throughout this timeframe as he progresses in his studies as well as in his personal and spiritual growth.  During the last three months the resident can apply for the Transition Level - still living on campus, but either employed outside of the ministry or involved in college or vocation training.  Some students may choose to stay and serve Renovation House for an additional year, giving back to others some of what they have received from the ministry.

The program is a deeply Christian based program and in some ways is a bit of a "bible boot camp" with high standards that the guys are expected to live up to.  The rules are strict and enforced.  For some, that can be a deal breaker.  This is an environment where privileges are earned.  However, on the other side of the strictness is a very loving atmosphere that almost everyone would agree makes "towing the line" worthwhile. 

Of the available "work time" of a normal day, half is devoted to bible study and classes with the other half being devoted to work practicums. There is also some free time for recreational activities.

Renovation House operates more like a home than a institution, where faith in God, respect for self and others is learned whether in chapel, class, work, recreation, or just interacting with each other and our missionary's that support the program.
Program Overview:
Renovation House
379 Dean Creek Road, Spencer, NY, 14883
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