Broken, homeless, scared and suicidal, is how John describes himself just before he gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ on an October night in 1992.  That night, John not only accepted the gift of salvation, but he also received the in-filling of the Holy Spirit in power and it is amazing to see what God has done with his life since that night.  John recalls his first prayer was “Lord keep me”, a prayer that God continues to lavishly fulfill.   One of the first things that was “birthed” in John by the Spirit was a desire attend Bible college one day.  In 1996, he enrolled in The School of the Prophets located in Rockymount, VA and graduated in 1998.
Meet the Director of Renovation House
Letter from Rev John P. Earley
John returned home to New York after graduation to attend and work at his home church, The Love Church, located on Lake Road, here in Horseheads.  It was there that he met his future bride, Heather, and where they would marry and start to raise their four beautiful children.  It was while under the auspices of Bishop James Pierce of the Love Church, that John gained a great deal of ministry experience and recognition.  In addition to being a regular speaker at his church, John has conducted Tent Crusades throughout the Northeast seeing many come to accept Christ.

In 2006, John was asked to establish a Spirit-led Ministry Training Program to help educated young adults using both classroom training and practical hands-on ministry, which included overseas missions work.  This work continued for over five years.

In 2008, John was led to travel to Nigeria to conduct ministry training there, lead crusades, and to help provide for the needs of those living in abject poverty.  John would return to Nigeria many times to continue this work. In 2009, John was led by the Holy Spirit to establish an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  It was in that year that Heather’s Home Orphanage got its start.  It is John’s prayerful desire to help end the culture of poverty that persists in Haiti by raising the children in Heather’s Home to have an abundant life mentality.  John believes that God wants to demonstrate to these children that He can do more than just meet their basic needs, but that He will give them a life "full to overflowing" if they put their hope and trust in Him.

Because of John’s vision, leadership and hard work, he was able to obtain both a B.A. and then an M.A. in Christian Ministry from Chesapeake Bible College while running the Ministry Training Program for Love Aflame Worldwide.  It was also during this time that he obtained his license in ministry and then became an ordained minister with Love Aflame worldwide.

John is now serving as the Director of Renovation House for the last 2 years and has an exciting vision for the future of this ministry.  It is his heart the men will make this House their home for a season, and then leaving as men of God to go forth and impact their world.
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