History of Renovation House:
Renovation House is fruit of the work that David Wilkerson started in New York City back in late 1950's.  Wilkerson is probably best known for his book "The Cross and the Switchblade".  In this book Nicky Cruz, leader of the Mau-Maus gang, is radically converted and then becomes a follower of Christ.  Cruz later became a director of teen challenge, which was the outreach that Wilkerson started.  Frank Calazo was one of the first participants of Cruz's Teen Challenge who has been the heart and soul behind Teen Challenge since the 60's.  More recently Teen Challenge goes by the name Youth Challenge, of which Renovation House is part of; namely, Youth Challenge of New York.

Renovation House in Spencer was started in 1985 as a outreach minstry of Abundant Life Church in Whippany, NJ, run by paster Joe Armino.  Renovation House Spencer is also affiliated with Renovation House in Perth Amboy, NJ.
Renovation House
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