This ministry is not just a drug and alcohol rehab, it is an all encompassing program where residents learn to apply Biblical concepts in order to build a new and productive life. The basic goals of the Renovation House are:
To see men set free from drugs and alcohol and any other things that keep them bound to a destructive lifestyle.
Biblical training with a purpose.
Character development
Development of faith in God and respect for self and others is learned whether in chapel, class, work, recreation, or just interacting with other and staff.
Preparing for the future by participating in other educational programs, such as earning a GED and pursuing vocational opportunities and training.
Encourage each participant to pursue their dreams, including further education, should they be so inclined.
We realize the effects of drugs and alchol addictions are far reaching, therefore we work together with the residents' families to restore relationships and bring healing.
Renovation House
379 Dean Creek Road, Spencer, NY, 14883
Phone: (607) 589 4413
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